Raw Execution-Step Machine also known as Bit Bit Jump Jump machine

Simple computer design. Files and ideas, documentation to the concept of BitBitJump machine, extended, popularized, applied.

My explorations of "Bit Bit Jump Jump" *uniform instruction set* CPU design.

A few introductory words

[IT] concetto di computer minimo, avente istruzioni uniformi, implementato con circuito (hardware) e con interprete di questo tipo di istruzioni (software)

[EN] concept of minimal computer, having uniform instructions, implemented with circuits (hardware) and with interpreter of this type of instructions (software)

Attached file (Logisim-based simulable schematics and Violet-based flow-chart)

I did put together some documentation and interactive material about my Explorations of Bit Bit Jump Jump "uniform instruction set" CPU design. This design is a direct application of Turing Machines and flow-charts, and is able to show its validity across centuries if given the chance, since it is the quintessence of binary computing.

Rediscovery of this machine design

I would like to pass on this knowledge so other people may experiment and re-apply the knowledge and wisdom contained herein. My only role and merit could be having documented a little bit the already existing BitBitJump design, but this is not to be underestimated because precious knowledge tend to be lost in time if not valued and actively preserved.

Possibly, with sufficient resources this design can be rediscovered, as I did for example. I have used again the more popular name "Bit Bit Jump Jump Machine", but if I had to choose a new name I would have labeled this machine design: R.E.S.M. (Raw Execution-Step Machine). The rest of the paragraph is more theoretical, I hope no one is hurt by these words ;). This design features energetic transference and pathways formation, found in many other systems, including neural living systems, but this machine is not so similar to living systems, as the program (and pathways definition) is constant in time. However programs can be executed using different paths. Energy transference can happen in this machine, of course, whenever a bit copy is done.

Circuital schematics

Use Logisim (
Logisim is a circuit design and emulation software,
 free and open source,
 cross-platform because it is written in Java+Swing,
 works on all major platforms including Windows and Linux and Mac OS.

Logisim file from me for BitBitJumpJump CPU. It is missing proper I/O (using simulator features for I/O into/from memories)
Logisim file for BitBitJumpJump CPU. It is missing proper I/O (using simulator features for I/O into/from memories)

Documentation for circuital schematics and abstract concept of Bit Bit Jump Jump machine

The circuits executes endlessly instructions (no halting in current design). Every instruction is composed of four operands (COPY_FROM, COPY_TO, IP_CASE_0, IP_CASE_1). Every instruction is executed in 3 phases. In phase 1 the bit pointed by the COPY_FROM register is fetched. Then in phase 2 the fetched bit is written in the memory location pointed by COPY_TO. This is the bit copying, "Bit Bit" part of the BitBitJumpJump instruction type. In phase 3, the "Jump Jump" part, the registers IP_CASE_0 and IP_CASE_1 are used to specify where to jump, selecting the next instruction. If Program Path Selector (PPS) is 0 the IP (Instruction Pointer) will have the value contained in IP_CASE_0, otherwise, for PPS=1: IP <- IP_CASE_1 (IP will have the value of the associated register). PPS register can be written when the destination (COPY_TO register) is equal to 0x02 (third bit of RAM, RAM has single-bit words, this is a feature possible in Logisim). So copy by copy, and path selection by path selection the program processes data. I/O is usually implemented using a special Input memory location and a special Output memory location. I will do that ASAP, for now I am using the simulator ways to insert bits and to show bits.

More informations on this machine, with further exploration directions and ideas

The "Bit Bit Jump Jump machine/CPU" is Turing complete, so it is a matter of coding the proper instructions but every computation can be done. This concept of computational machine is very educational and straight to the essence, and should be more commonly and widely known. I intending to document and to spread knowledge and I hope this will be successful and appreciated in due time, by wise people who can reap the wisdom of this beautifully simple design and concept. This machine has no concept of "words", so it is not 32 or 64 bit but words can be composed of an arbitrary number of bits, given a proper quantity of associated instructions. This is another beautiful feature of the essentialness of this design. More to come: stay tuned! One last word: this extremely expanded way to describe computation is useful for rewriting programs in different ways, e.g. size-optimizing programs, in a very granular and thorough way. Some one has used this way to obfuscate programs (and that is a kind of rewrite certainly) but the real deal AFAIK will be experimenting code-optimizations by code-rewriting. Also this is an abstract representation that could possibly be used as an intermediary representation when converting a program code from one format to another, e.g. in case of porting from a CPU architecture to another. Indeed every program is the equivalent of a flowchart where every instruction is an assignment activity (rectangular shape) followed a decision (diamond shape). So again you can shape this at will and write any kinds of programs (I/O is made this way: for input "var <- in" activity and for output "out <- var" activity).

Bit Bit Jump Jump programs and its interpreter/VM (Software Versions of VM and related tools)

I wrote many versions of software implementations of Virtual Machine and related tools (such as compilers). Example programs (for this kind of machine and its variations) are included.

Flow-charts of Bit Bit Jump Jump programs

Use Violet (
Violet is a UML Editor, you can draw flow-charts and more,
 free and open source,
 cross-platform because it is written in Java,
 works on all major platforms including Windows and Linux and Mac OS.

Violet files from me for program flow-charts. Programs: not gate, or gate.

Flow-chart of "NOT gate" Bit Bit Jump Jump program

Flow-chart of &quot;NOT gate&quot; Bit Bit Jump Jump program

Flow-chart of "OR gate" Bit Bit Jump Jump program

Flow-chart of &quot;OR gate&quot; Bit Bit Jump Jump program

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